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This sweet newborn photography pose is both serene and beautiful!Sources Rebekah Westover Photography Shanna Michelle Photography Kristen Vincent Photography Kristen Vincent Photography Jami West Photography – Aren’t these newborns babies propped up on their elbows just precious?!Knowing a couple of poses beforehand that you absolutely LOVE can really help you get just the picture you’re looking for.Here are some of our favorite pose ideas for a newborn photography session…

Be sure to take some precious pictures of the parents giving their baby sweet kisses!We are in love with these unique ideas and examples above!Sources Hart to Hart Photography Love Bud Photography Cassidy Brooke Love Bud Photography Heather Telford Photography Kristen Vincent Photography – Capture the joy of the new parents by having them smile at the camera with their darling baby!We absolutely ADORE the precious sibling poses above!Sources Angelina Lopez Photography Jean Smith Photography Christie Hobson Photography Hailey Faria Photography Chelsea Lee Photography Hailey Faria Photography – If the weather permits, take your newborn photo shoot outside!

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