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Moorish rule in the Algarve resulted in the assimilation of the indigenous cultures, transforming the region into a major economic power.During the Middle Ages, the parish was officially referred to as Nossa Senhora da Luz.According to the 2001 census, there were 63,470 inhabitants, with 42,396 living in the city proper.The city expanded, southwards, to Vila do Conde, and there are about 100,000 inhabitants in the urban area alone.Following the decline of the Pax Romana, the Algarve began to be threatened by peoples from the lands of ancient Morocco.The Arabs brought with them many of the fruit orchards that continue to exist in the foothills of Luz.

Luz was frequently attacked by Moors, who plied the water of the Algarve, attacked small settlements, and pillaged the treasures of the churches and homes of its residents.The relief of the parish is marked by two mountainous areas, Montinhos da Luz (99 metres) and Montinhos do Burgau (68 metres), while four ravines flow from north to south: Ribeira do Vale de Barão, Ribeira de Almadena, Ribeira de Espiche and Ribeira da Luz.The beach in Praia da Luz is an intermediate-size Blue Flag beach with two distinct zones: the white sand beach and rocky cliff zone, characteristic of the Algarve.Introduced by sunbathers, it was first recorded in 1928, and its use increased rapidly in the second half of the 20th century, with the tourist influx.Luz is located in the southwest corner of the municipality of Lagos, and covers an area of 21.78 km².

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