Couchsurfing is not a dating site

We would start on the topic of travel and after briefly mentioning a trip or two, it was guaranteed I would hear come out of their lips the deal breaker, “I wish I could travel.” It is such a turn off to hear someone say that because there is nothing about my life that makes it so I have more opportunity to travel, the only difference is I make travel a priority and I find it as laziness for someone to “wish” and not take action.

I have a friend who prefers to date women who he meets off of Couch Surfing to any other means of meeting women.I left Rome after just over a month of travel and instead of indulging in jet lag mandated sleep, I decided to write back all the request to meet for coffee or a drink, thanking them for the offer while letting them know I was no longer in Egypt and Italy (the two countries I’ve been to with the most prolific unsolicited request to meet).As I finished replying to the most recent request, sent to me while I was in flight, I noticed the sender was cute. I clicked on his profile and read about his love of skydiving and scuba diving, and being impulsive, I sent him a second message saying it was too bad we didn’t meet because it looked like we had a lot of the same interest. I'm Chris and I grew up near the German town of Fulda.Lived in Frankfurt for 5 years, followed by London for 3 years and since October 2014, I was traveling full time around the world until 2018!

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