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George Gilmore, classical guitar teacher at Punahou School, and Sam Kamaka Jr.

to use the Kamaka factory on evenings and weekends when business was closed.

He served 25 years in the Army before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. The precious Pineapple symbolized home for him, and gave him hope amidst the chaos and uncertainty of war.

Fred Sr.'s favorite ukulele is a Pineapple made by his father that he kept with him while serving as a U. One of Sam Jr.'s favorite ukuleles is the sweet-sounding, melodic 6-string he made for himself.

Gilmore learned lutherie in Spain and influenced some of the techniques still used today at the factory. designed a custom ukulele for astronaut Scott Carpenter. The peg tuners used on Kamaka instruments are made by Schaller Electronic in Germany.

Helmut Schaller and his engineers custom designed them for Kamaka Hawaii in 1974 at the request of Fred Kamaka Sr. Schaller did not know what an ukulele was before Fred Sr. Fred brought a Kamaka Pineapple to Germany to show Mr. Because Schaller's first language was German, Fred's German-born wife, Elisabeth, provided the translation.

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