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Last year Mc Gregor fought three times, losing once and winning one of his other fights on a disputed majority decision.In a way Mc Gregor is a kind of Anna Kournikova, who became perhaps the most famous women's tennis player, and one of the richest, despite never winning a singles title.O'Shea explained, eloquently and with good manners, that when he was a ten-year-old he'd loved getting autographs from players, so when kids ask him for the same thing he always obliges them.He didn't say, 'F**k you Bernard Flynn, f**k you, f**k you, f**k you, you Meath cockroach'. Few people would have complimented him for being 'hilarious'.But, as the old proverb goes: Cuir síoda ar ghabhar agus is gabhar i gcónaí é. The redoubtable American sports website Deadspin got it right when describing the proceedings as "the dumbest possible roadshow".

The sport's various pound-for-pound rankings all have flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson at number one and some of them have our boy as low as number four.

Look at how differently the fighter is treated compared to almost any other sports figure.

Other stars are forever being dragged over the coals for making contact with officials or making gestures at fans, for earning too much or not trying hard enough, for sexist comments or general lapses of decorum.

Mc Gregor, on the other hand, wears a suit with 'f*'*k you' written on it multiple times and nobody seems to pass any heed.

It's reported deadpan as though this is the kind of thing any athlete might do before a big game.

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