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The best way to clarify a situation such as you have described is to have your child examined by a sexual abuse specialist in.Most children’s hospitals have a sexual abuse team, or will be able to refer you to a specialist in your area.It is the abuse of this power, and the abuse of children’s trust, that is so damaging.Sexual abuse falls into three different categories: Most abuse begins with innocent physical contact. Once a routine is developed, it is not uncommon to progress to intercourse.How sad that we need to be discussing this subject for a three-and-a-half-year-old!Unfortunately, there is no age at which a child is exempt from sexual abuse.

Whatever turns out to be true, we must prepare our children to protect themselves against sexual abuse.How can I recognize sexual abuse if it happened to my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter?About a month ago she told me a friend of ours touched her vagina.Over the last twenty years the pendulum swung to the opposite extreme; if a child described sexual contact it was considered a fact, and the volunteering of such information was considered very strong legal evidence.Recently, the pendulum has returned to a more balanced position: take it very seriously whenever a child mentions sexual contact, but understand that not everything said necessarily mirrors physical reality.

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About one third of cases occur in kids younger than six years of age, about one third in children ages six to twelve, and one third in children ages twelve to eighteen.

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