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Remember, a green monster icon means it's OK to go to town on a monster's back while any other color equates to holding R and hanging for dear life.

Succeed with the mini-game and the monster will fall on its back for a bit, allowing you to land free hits.

"MH4U" drops the underwater battles introduced in "Monster Hunter Tri," which is either good news or bad news depending on how much Lagiacrus rocked you like a hurricane while submerged in the watery depths.

In exchange, maps now feature uneven terrain as well as overhanging surfaces made from webbing or vines.

Word of advice, do not hit a monster while a teammate is mounting as it will cause the mount to fail if you deal enough damage.

Just sharpen your weapon, pop a potion, dance, whatever, as long as you don't hit the monster. more weapons: Say hello to the insect glaive/kinsect staff and the charge blade.

Ideally, you'll want to get red, white and orange at the same time for the best overall boost.

Otherwise, try to at least get red and white together as that boosts your attack and speed or even just red thanks to the improved combo it gives on both land and air.

Check it out to brush up on your monster hunting skills.From its humble beginnings as a Play Station 2 game, the Monster Hunter series has grown into an action juggernaut with a monstrous following in Japan and a loyal fan base worldwide.Here's a look at the evolution of the series by generation since 2004.In the case of large boss monsters, hitting certain body parts with the bug allows you to harvest either red, white, orange or green essence.Doing so either will boost your attack, speed and defense or even heal you and give you earplugs.

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UPDATE: Got our Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate review up, y'all.

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