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The prince is thought to have enjoyed clandestine meetings with Camilla at the house.The inquest heard that Charles made the call to Camilla, who was at her home in Wiltshire, on a mobile phone, not a landline.The camera operative put in his diary: 'She makes it clear that she would do everything possible to make sure Charles never became King.'She wanted William to succeed to the throne when the Queen died.Diana clearly saw her role as the power behind William.'She had this somewhat romantic idea of being a king-maker, the mother behind the monarch.'The lensman who is still alive and understood to be living in America described the moment he arrived at Kensington Palace and was waved through by police.He was paid £5,000 for his time and kept a personal diary of his meetings with Diana, noting how she was determined not to let Charles become King.

The tapes went missing and Mr Settelen became locked in a copyright battle with Diana's brother, following her death, for the rights to broadcast them.This isn't the first time details about Prince Charles' private contact with his now-wife have come to the fore.In 1992, a highly personal transcript of the 'Camillagate' call was made public.Lord Fellowes, who was then the Queen's private secretary, told the gathering in April 1993: 'Evidence had been found that the fixed telephone lines had been tampered with.'It was almost certain that this was the location where the Prince of Wales had been staying on the night of the alleged conversation between him and Mrs Parker Bowles.' The location was not named, but it is thought to be Eaton Hall in Cheshire, home of Charles's great friend, the Duke of Westminster.

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He dismissed claims that the service was bugging the royals and said it was 'nonsense' to suggest that they were behind the Camillagate and Squidgygate tapes.

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