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Miami Heat game in Miami, posed for photos at Big Pink restaurant and capped off the year with a date at Mauro’s Cafe in December.

And the next year, Kournikova was photographed goofing around in a bikini with Iglesias while they prepared to board a boat in Miami.

The duo later make out and get hands-y in the bathroom on the sink.

2002 The couple weren’t always so secretive about their relationship.

In December, they jetted to London and once again fueled wedding rumors when Kournikova was snapped with yet plain band on her ring finger. “I don’t mind being alone.” However, a Kournikova pal told PEOPLE Iglesias was joking, and his rep also confirmed the duo were “still together.” In 2008, Kournikova told PEOPLE she was “never getting married” but added that “everything is good” between her and Iglesias.

Iglesias fueled breakup rumors when he told a Swedish newspaper that the duo had been secretly married but were “now” divorced. Days later, the singer told reporters he had been trying to get his girlfriend to marry him for years.

But on Monday, the couple put any split rumors to rest after news broke they reportedly welcomed twins — a boy and a girl — over the weekend.

Here’s a look back at their private romance: 2001 The singer, 42, and the former tennis pro, 36, first met when she starred in her future boyfriend’s sexy music video for “Escape.” Sparks flew on set and they began dating shortly after shooting the video, which features Kournikova initially rebuffing his advances.

On Saturday, Kournikova posted three photos on Instagram, featuring herself on a boat with the tag 'no filter needed'.

2006 – 2012 The pair appeared to be going strong for nearly a decade.

In 2006, they sat front and center at the Cleveland Cavaliers vs.

According to TMZ, the couple welcomed a boy and a girl named Nicholas and Lucy.

Reps for the musician and athlete did not immediately return PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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