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Modern Khudabadi has 37 consonants, 10 vowels, 9 vowel signs written as diacritic marks added to the consonants, 3 miscellaneous signs, one symbol for nasal sounds (anusvara), one symbol for conjucts (virama) and 10 digits like many other Indic scripts.The nukta has been borrowed from Devanagari for representing additional signs found in Arabic but not found in Sindhi. It follows a natural pattern and style of other Landa scripts.The Khudabadi script was created by the Sindhi diaspora residing in Khudabad to send written messages to their relatives, who lived in their hometowns.Due to its simplicity, the use of this script spread very quickly and got acceptance in other Sindhi groups for sending written letters and messages.Khudabadi is an abugida in which all consonants have an inherent vowel. Vowels that appear at the beginning of a word are written as independent letters.When certain consonants occur together, special conjunct symbols are used which combine the essential parts of each letter.Schools started teaching the Sindhi language in Khudabadi script.

To some extent, he could have been more broadly recognized as a historian from the subaltern studies movement. Among the most significant works completed by Panhwar which have been recently uploaded on his website, let us mention April 2007), his personal library contained a wide range of publications and research materials, among which not less than 12, 000 books, 3 000 maps referring to the Sindh region and a large collection of pictures, all well arranged according to subjects or chronologically ordered (see here its detailed classification).Khudabadi is being used as the unified encoding for all of the Sindhi scripts except for Khojki, because each Sindhi script is named after the mercantile village in which it was used, and a vast majority are not well-developed enough to be encoded.Local scripts may be encoded in the future, but at the present, Khudabadi is recommended to represent all of the Landa-based Sindhi scripts that have been in use.The Khudabadi script of Sindhi language did not make further progress.Traders continued to maintain their records in this script till the independence of Pakistan in 1947.

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