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Your first impulse is to call a local restaurant and make dinner plans, asking if the staff can come out with a cake and sing... He’s someone you like, so you want to do something, but he's not yet a boyfriend, so you don’t want to scare him off by going overboard.

We got some tips from New York City-based psychotherapist Ken Voorhees, who specializes in gay relationships.

From scarves to scented candles, here's what to get your new(ish) girlfriend.

“He or she could likely have a lot of people – friends, family – vying for attention,” says Voorhees.

“Be sensitive to the fact that your date might have an array of plans.” Those plans might have been set up before you started dating or even met, so don’t take it personally.

“Putting too much emotional investment in someone’s birthday, one month after you meet them, is a problem,” says Voorhees.

Freaking out about it may suggest that you’re getting too connected, too fast without really knowing the person.

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