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For example, a bar can’t run a 2 Bud Lights for special.(GEORGIA) You may only have one alcoholic drink in front of you at a time.(CONNECTICUT) It is illegal for a man to kiss his wife on Sunday.(COLORADO and Hartford, Connecticut) Women may walk in public topless provided they have their nipples covered.(HAWAII) Years ago, it was illegal for a man to give his sweetheart a box of candy weighing less than fifty pounds.

Any actor under age 18 must be tried as a juvenile and cannot be transferred to adult court.

(NORTH CAROLINA) Alcohol may not be served in nightclubs if dancing is occurring on the premises at the same time.

(DELAWARE) A special law prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday or she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing.

Felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile is sexual intercourse with consent between (1) someone age 19 or older and someone between age 12 and 17 or (2) someone age 17 or older and someone between age 12 and 15.

Third-degree criminal sexual conduct is sexual penetration with (1) a victim under age 13 and an actor no more than 36 months older or (2) a victim age 13 to 16 and an actor more than 24 months older.

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