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sara will then tell u 2 talk 2 people around town n ask about dylan the only character that gives info on dylan is justin, matthew (not rilly cuz he doesnt like talking about people behind their backshell tell u this himself), and megan (save her 4 lastcuz its more fun this way ) 7.)after talking to megan n finding info on dylan.

go talk 2 sara n ask her about dylan n megans past 8.)then go back n talk 2 megan.

keep talking 2 her until she asks u 2 go shopping with her at pretty vacant.

14.)bring the book to matthew n hell ask u on a 2nd date to canard fou. 16.)exit the restaurant n ull get a text message from sara that matthew has paintings in the art gallery of male nudes.

Apparently you'll be able to date Justin and Sara as well.

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Make sure every level those items do not break and you will get 3 stars.

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