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Players must register on the Travian website to join a game, providing an e-mail address, and creating a username and a password.

The player must also choose a tribe to play the game with, and select a World, that represents a game server, to play in.

The player selects one of these 5 tribes during registration. Romans can upgrade buildings and resource fields simultaneously, have powerful troops which are expensive to train, and have low-capacity merchants.

Gauls have fast-moving troops with good defensive capabilities, and fast merchants.

Worlds close registrations for new players after a certain number of players have signed up.

Natars also occupy the central area of the map, and will attack players' villages in that area.

Natarian villages may hold ancient artefacts which give bonuses to those who possess them.

Teutons are geared towards an aggressive style of play, and offer weak but cheap troops, as well as slow but high-capacity merchants.

Once a tribe is chosen it cannot be changed, and all villages founded or conquered by the player will be of that tribe. Natarian villages randomly spawn all over the map, and will gradually develop.

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